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Performing Arts

City of Durham-Durham, NC
Durham Performing Arts Center


Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC) is a 2, 800-seat, 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art performance theater known for its crisp acoustics and excellent sightlines. Located near the American Tobacco Campus in downtown Durham, DPAC hosts a variety of programming-Broadway, family, comedy, concerts, holiday, arts, and outreach programs. EDi provided engineering systems design services including plumbing, fire protection, and site lighting for the new facility. Systems feature a deluge system sprinkler design for the main stage and a low-flow domestic water saving system. EDi engineers worked in close coordination with all trades from conceptual phase through the completion of construction.


Plumbing, Electrical, and Fire Protection Design

Recreation & Sports

Ann And Jim Goodnight Museum Park Expansion-Raleigh, NC, Museum of Art


Engineered Designs, Inc. provided electrical engineering design and construction services to design the power, lighting, and security needs of the outdoor art park expansion. EDi's design of engineering systems provided includes control/operation/dimming systems of the park lighting, permanent yet flexible event power and lighting needs that seamlessly integrate with the park's aesthetic environment, security, audio, and video systems ensuring safety of park occupants, and future electrical infrastructure for anticipated art park projects EDi engineering professionals worked in close coordination with lighting consultants, landscape architects, security personnel, and museum management to develop designs that meet the goals of the Museum of Art and provide solid infrastructure for current as well as future uses.


Electrical Engineering Design

Construction Administration

Poole Family YMCA
Garner, NC


Engineered Designs, Inc. provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design and construction administration for a 39,342 square foot YMCA featuring a large wellness floor, a gymnasium, and workout studios. The outdoor area includes a swimming pool, lap pool, kid's pool, and a pool house. An amphitheater, outdoor chapel, and a large multi-purpose play field round out the site. The facility is designed with plans for an indoor natatorium.

The mechanical design for this facility included a 4-pipe chilled and hot water system with VAV air handling unit and VAV terminal units with hot water reheat. The chilled water is provided by an air- cooled chiller and the hot water is provided with high e cient condensing boilers. Electrical design included LED lighting, power distribution, telephone, data and fire alarm. Plumbing design for main toilet rooms utilizing water efficient fixtures, including showers in the lower level locker rooms. Fire protection systems design consisted of a performance-based design including the main back flow preventer and riser in the mechanical room. The spaces were served by a combination of exposed, semi-recessed and fully recessed sprinkler heads throughout the building. EDi also designed the building perimeter lighting and power for site lighting.


Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, and Fire Protection Design

Wellspring Retirement Community Auditorium
Greensboro, NC


Engineered Designs, Inc. provided engineering design and code consulting services for the new auditorium/arts building at Well-Spring Retirement Community in Greensboro, NC. A new auditorium and arts building of approximately 28,000 SF will serve the residents providing a venue for concerts, plays, and community events.

The design for this project includes new plumbing waste and water piping systems and fixture selection and incorporates low-flow water saving devices. Electrical design includes electrical power systems and interior lighting. Mechanical systems design includes thermal load calculations, unit selection, and duct layout for the HVAC system. Performance-based fire protection design includes new fire alarm system design for the new auditorium building. EDi also provided code consulting services and prepared a Building Code Summary idenifying requirements regarding the construction type, structural, egress, fire protection, fire alarm, smoke evacuation, and other life safety requirements as well as a report identifying design considerations to comply with code requirement.


Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical, and Fire Protection Design

Engineering Code Consulting

Recreation & Sports
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